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The Best Home Addition Contractors in Denver, Colorado

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The city of Denver is the capital of Colorado state and is home to more than just the ski resorts of the Rocky Mountains. The city is a metropolis that dates back to the Old West period. It houses iconic architectural masterpieces such as the Larimer Square. It is named after the pioneer General William Larimer, and it features historical landmarks from the 19th-century. The city square is the first district ever established in the city and composed of its first commercial block, Denver’s first residences, and its first city hall.

You can also find the Denver Art Museum that is known for its display of native artworks, with a comprehensive collection of over seventy thousand distinguished works encompassing world history. The ultra-sleek and post-modern museum was designed by renowned Italian architect Gio Ponti in collaboration with James Sudler Associates, a local firm in Denver. It is located in the Civic Center and is the most extensive art museum between the Pacific Coast and the Northeast of Illinois.

Denver is also home to the sprawling mansion-turned-museum of Molly Brown. Margaret “Molly” Brown is a woman who came into prominence after surviving the Titanic tragedy in 1911. After Molly’s harrowing experience, she dedicated all her resources and focused on activism and philanthropy. During Denver’s city-wide renovation of the sixties, a group of history preservationists known as the Historic Denver, Inc. fought to conserve Molly’s mansion by turning it into a historical museum. The organization began restoration efforts to preserve its original English Baroque style while carrying out necessary renovations to accommodate new exhibits and visitors.

The city is home to highly-qualified remodelers and accredited renovators. These professionals carry out the necessary developments to preserve or enhance the city’s infrastructures, which proves beneficial to Denver’s homeowners. In 2018, the city’s housing inventory was at its lowest since 1986. With today’s economic climate causing fluctuations in the market, a homeowner’s best bet for more liveable space or change in environment is to go with home additions or remodeling. Below we’ve listed seven of Denver’s best contractors who specialize in home additions.

Cadre General Contractors

2950 S. Fox Street, Englewood, CO 80110

Serving Central and Eastern Denver since 1984 is a group of seasoned professionals who treat their clientele as partners, not just employees. The team’s core principle is cultivating a positive experience for clients who have encountered isolation during development and neglect after a project’s completion in the past. Cadre General Contractors offers full-service construction for every project, from navigating through unpredictable weather conditions to helping clients with legal permits and its delicate process.

Cadre is led by its president and CEO, Rusty Conway who brings their individual expertise to the firm. Conway has been interested in construction as a kid. After exploring his career in music, his love for construction landed him a career as a construction laborer. His hands-on experience in construction span more than 30 years. Conway and his team work with leading artisans to create luxury homes with great attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship.

After college, William landed his first job as a construction laborer, and then he landed a job with the firm shortly after. William, who is now a partner at the firm, remains hands-on in his approach, bringing twenty-three years of construction experience into each project. Mark’s first job at the firm was as an on-site superintendent in 2000. He came from generations of industry experts and worked for various local contractors before working for Cadre General Contractors full-time. Today, Mark spearheads the firm’s most complex projects with his expertise in 3D visualization and comprehensive knowledge of building materials and methods.

Cadre General Contractors is accredited by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the American Institute of Architects. The National Trust also qualifies the firm for Historic Preservation, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C, recognizing entities equipped with the necessary skills to preserve delicate historical infrastructures.

The firm sets itself from other contractors by providing clients thorough consideration with unparalleled transparency through constant communication from its on-site project superintendents. The team also utilizes technological solutions, like Box and OneNote, that are accessible to the client, sharing developments and confirming the client’s preferences. Cadre General Contractors integrates these innovations to prevent alienating the client and to maximize their participation in developments.

The firm’s project in Belcaro is definitive of its signature style. It is conceptual in design, displaying fine geometric lines made with aggregated materials. The facade is a composite of textured detailing featuring exposed brick and sleek metal trusses. Its interior benefits from large picture windows that allow an abundance of natural light to flow through.

Timber Ridge Properties

5445 DTC Parkway, Penthouse 4, Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Timber Ridge Properties is a family-operated business serving clients within the metro of Denver. The firm is renowned for its specialties in custom home-building and its more personable approach in dealing with clients. Its team of customer-driven experts provides the firm’s clientele with award-winning craftsmanship.

In 2020, the firm was ranked among the top three builders in Denver by Three Best Rated. A feat achieved by contractors who pass the company’s thorough evaluation of their qualifications and portfolio is known as the trademarked 50-Point Inspection. Its president, Jim Wise, drives the firm’s success. Jim’s formal education in Economics, coupled with his passion for creativity, led him to pursue a career in construction. With his inclination toward mathematics and statistical skills, Jim excels in managing real estate, insurance, and construction projects. His background in these subjects is integrated into the firm’s projects, ensuring project success. Because of Jim’s passion for artistry, he is actively involved in the creative process of building high-end homes.

The team backing the Wise family is full of accredited experts who understand the firm’s priority toward its relationship with clients. Andrea Barnes is the firm’s in-house designer who specializes in interior design. Andrea brings valuable knowledge and a keen eye for detail to projects with her National Interior Design Qualification Certificate from the Council for Interior Design Qualification and over a decade of industry experience. Along with the rest of the team, Andrea delivers prompt and expert execution with paramount professionalism.

Timber Ridge Properties manages remodeling developments with a home-enhancement approach that proves customized for each client’s vision and budget. Home enhancements do more than change a room’s appearance; they are devised to elevate both design and function.

The picture above demonstrates the team’s meticulous blending of rustic elements into industrial fittings. The interiors showcase an effortless pairing of pristine finishes and patterned accents. Its dark wooden flat-panel cabinets, solid white trim, and matching countertop are accented with a combination of textured tiles and marble flooring. Learn more about their work at

Classic Homeworks

3430 E 12th Avenue, Denver, CO 80206

The company offers clients all across Denver full-service Design-Build packages. Classic Homeworks strives toward achieving the delicate balance of innovating and preserving the city’s renowned architecture. The firm maintains architecture rooted in Denver’s history while integrating modern functionality.

Classic Homeworks was established in 1985 and was bought by Kelli Cost when she focused on residential instead of commercial architecture in 2005. Kelli comes from a successful background in commercial architecture and switched sectors when her passion for helping others in construction proved more valuable in building homes for families than towers for large corporations. She acted as the firm’s senior project developer and general manager, instilling ethics of integrity and professionalism within the firm’s team. Today, she acts solely as the general manager supervising team members to carry out the same level of ethics Kelli used to fortify the firm.

As one of the only female owners in a male-dominant industry, Kelli remains steadfast in breaking down stereotypes for women. She has successfully earned accreditations from the industry’s leading organizations, such as the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Association of Home Builders. The firm is also certified by the EPA in Lead Safety. Its EPA certification qualifies the firm to manage structures that predate 1976, before the ban on lead-based materials was implemented.

Above is a whole-house renovation developed by Classic Homework. The space features elegance with country charm. The center island’s marble countertop with inset drawers and the Victorian beveled window provide the space with high levels of sophistication. In contrast, its traditional double-hung windows and shaker cabinets with white finishes give the space a sense of grounding. The room remains cohesive, as it is brought together by its continuous flow of hardwood flooring.

Revolve Design-Build

11919 W. I-70 Frontage Road N. Unit # 102, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Revolve Design-Build is a company that operates responsibly and professionally in delivering expert craftsmanship. The company comprises eclectic professionals who diligently served refinement and resourcefulness to clients within Denver, the Foothills and in the mountains for fifteen years.

Jared Phifer founded the firm in 2007. He has led the Revolve Design-Build team of his family and friends, who have continued to operate on a shared set of core principles for fifteen years. Jared is an EPA Lead-Safety Certified Professional and a National Standard Residential Building Contractor. He sets himself and the firm apart from other contractors by being an accredited Passive House Tradesman. Jared, his wife Amber, and his team have also been featured in an episode of This Old House on Roku.

The firm utilizes green building solutions and integrates its Passive House Building method, providing sustainable living after construction. The firm designs airtight buildings that efficiently reuse and appropriately redistribute the natural heat production from its inhabitants and solar energy. The firm helps its associates rethink building by cultivating methods that reduce its environmental impact. Revolve also helps clients strategize the development of their home to enrich its surrounding environment through the responsible construction of its intelligent designs.

In its design of a house in Denver, Revolve exemplifies the artistry found in modern minimalism. The house is distinguished by its sustainable materials, such as the reclaimed wood used in finishes and furniture or the energy-efficient fans in its bedrooms. The rustic elements are complemented by the industrial lights and exposed steel railings, elevating the house’s modern architecture.

Sustainable Design Build

99 Inca Street, Denver, CO 80223

Sustainable Design Build is a cost-effective contractor that aims to deliver turn-key operations for sustainable residential and commercial construction. The firm has provided clients within Denver with single-source contracts in its tactical Design-Build method since 2016.

The firm is fully licensed and insured to carry out various projects anywhere in the Denver Metro Area, including custom home construction, remodels, and extensive home additions. The firm’s in-house professionals are dedicated to collaborating with clients in delivering their vision in the most efficient manner. Sustainable Design Build aims to take the stress of renovations away from clients by conducting thorough coordination within its team of experts, from the client’s first consultation throughout all facets of its development.

SDB understands that delays can greatly affect a homeowner’s goals and budget. The firm addresses that problem by providing transparent and accurate information about the project at every stage of the process. With a team of professionals backing up this design-build process, Sustainable Design Build helps clients find the right solutions to materialize their vision.

SDB’s most recent home addition project consisted of remodeling and altering a Denver home’s floorplan with limited space. The firm knocked down walls to open the room and turn the kitchen into the home’s main transit passage. While the composite of modern and rustic L-Shaped kitchen was part of the existing house; it was utilized in a way to seamlessly connect the new Master Suite with the rest of the property and showcases the rest of the home’s familiar themes.


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