Denver is home to a diverse array of professionals that range from nonprofits and startups to large, global firms. Office architecture in the city does focus on functionality, but also on how the resulting structure would blend in with the region’s distinctive landscapes. There is also increased demand in the workplace for spaces that encourage collaboration, provide interconnected flow, and are sustainable: structures that adhere to the modern demands of work and living. The firms listed below are known for their creative strategies to craft modern, high-performing communal spaces that exude a vibrant, inviting atmosphere. Because of their ability to push the envelope, these firms are considered leaders and pioneers in their field, amassing awards from industry organizations and special features from prestigious publications.

Top Architects


1600 Stout St, #200, Denver, CO 80202

About ArcWest Architects

Acquilano is one of the oldest Denver-based design studio firms in Colorado. Since its inception in 1986, it has focused on designing and transforming workplace interiors. As architects that specialize in a full-service and comprehensive practice for the corporate sector, its design philosophy focuses on a simple yet efficient process: “listen, then create.” That approach allows the company to address the unique needs of its client’s particular brand and how the new design can aesthetically embody the vision and mission of organizations while making sure that its functional and building performance aspects are also met. Aside from interior architecture, the firm also offers documentation, furniture specification, lighting design, sustainability and well-being design, workplace strategy, planning, programming, among many others. The result is a portfolio of projects from clients from a diverse range of industries—with office spaces with only one thing in common: their differences. They are stylistically and structurally unique from each other. This is an expertise that the firm continues to employ for many of its works, especially in Denver.

Featured Projects

One of its major design projects was for the Armstrong Teasdale Denver office. The project highlighted the client’s bold, branded red through parallel design elements seen in the architectural finishes and carefully chosen fabrics. Its work for Northwestern Mutual, on the other hand, celebrates the client’s over 160-year-old brand through a more progressive design meant to attract modern workers. The firm transformed its traditional workplaces into energetic and fresh choices of the contemporary palette, without losing its professional-looking character. For Husch Blackwell, a law firm that relocated to Denver, the company was faced with a challenge of designing a space that “did not look like a law firm.” The result was a corporate space that rather reflects the company’s dynamic culture through its modern, minimalist, yet highly-efficient spaces.

Anderson Mason Dale Architects

Paul S Haack
Andrew G Nielsen
David C. Pfeifer
Joey Carrasquillo
Joey D. Graham

AIA Firm Award,
AIA Colorado Firm of the Year,
AIA National Design Awards

3198 Speer Boulevard, Denver, CO 80211

About Anderson Mason Dale Architects

Anderson Mason Dale Architects is a 60-person firm that has provided planning, programming, and design for smaller and larger scale commercial builds for more than four decades. Over its years of practice, the firm has been awarded the American Institute of Architect’s Firm Award for “A distinguished body of work,” as well as other local and national design awards. As a company that specializes in designing spaces that interact with its users, the firm is dedicated to enhancing human well-being and upholding cultural values with its work. As an architect for the corporate office sector, the firm believes in the significance of highly collaborative atmospheres—and you’ll see that emphasis on collaboration in many of its projects.

Featured Projects

The Triangle Building at 16 Wewatta Street is striking for several reasons. It’s not just for the sleek urban design and its stand out patterns, but the way each side of the structure is enriched by public space. This single prism of glass is a viewfinder’s focal point, from both the corner of Wewatta Street and the Millennium Bridge. This building engages the surrounding area and brings another sophisticated, professional visual into Denver’s skyline. A LEED Gold Certification was awarded for the project’s exceptional quality and innovation in green building practices. It houses Liberty Global and the first WeWork in Colorado. The 350,000-square-foot Triangle Building was completed in 2016 for $45 million. Adding two new wing buildings to Denver’s historic Union Station required a well thought out strategy that would put the attention to a valued urban centerpiece while creating a community-anchoring space. Anderson Mason Dale designed the wing buildings with the intention of creating a structure that feels at home with the downtown red-brick warehouses, the gray terra cotta and cleft rhyolite of the station, and modern new developments. The firm succeeded by going for a contemporary aesthetic that recreates components of neighboring buildings. Using the basic form of a simple glass box, the wings have a vibrant, inviting, urban glow. The project was completed in 2014.

ArcWest Architects

1525 Raleigh Street, Suite 320, Denver, CO 80204

About ArcWest Architects

ArcWest Architects values cutting edge and forward-thinking design processes. Founded in 2006, the firm is a newer addition to the Denver scene and has been generating a noteworthy portfolio that includes corporate, residential, commercial, and restaurant design. Founding partner Todd L. Heirls likes to collaborate directly with senior management. He has a background in welding and is known to use his welding skills in order to execute custom steel details in ArcWest’s work. ArcWest’s other founding partner, Kevin H. Anderson, has over 25 years of experience as a licensed Colorado architect and works on a versatile scope of projects that truly represent the diversity of his field. Due to their effective leadership and growing influence in the industry, ArcWest has been recognized as one of the top 19 best architects in Denver on Expertise.

Featured Projects

The office building remodel on Quebec Street involved a total renovation of the restrooms, showers, and break room, as well as the construction of new spaces—including an elegant conference room and a fitness zone. The design integrated improved ADA accessibility and new conference room doors that open onto a courtyard. The area covered 3,500 square feet. The stunning addition of a rooftop patio on the historic Ballpark building in downtown Denver created a vibrant, inviting space for office employees to enjoy Denver’s cherished views and meet with clients in an alternative atmosphere. The projects use three-inch-thick, heavy timber decking as well as heavy black steel railing details. A round fire pit on top of a water tower platform cultivates a natural meeting point for collaboration and connection.

Box Studios

4949 S Syracuse St., Suite 560, Denver, Colorado 80237

About Box Studios

Box Studios is dedicated to constant exploration and hands-on collaboration. The seeds of the studio were planted more than 20 years ago when Jim Graczyk, Ferdinand Dimailig, and Dan Kraiss met as employees of a Chicago-based national interior design firm. Dimailig received his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is a member of the American Institute of Architects and the Graham Foundation. Kraiss received a Bachelor in Fine Arts, Interior Architecture from Northern Illinois University and is a member of the United States Building Green Council and a registered LEED Accredited Professional. In 2001 Box Studios became a design collaborative, as Graczyk moved to the Denver region, and Dimailig and Kraiss stayed in Chicago. Though Graczyk passed away in 2016, the original synergy and vision of its pioneers still inspires the staff at both the Denver and Chicago offices. The firm’s award-winning projects have included corporate, base-building, renovation, educational, healthcare, government, mixed-use, retail, light industrial, technology, hospitality, and multifamily housing.

Featured Projects

TheThe Cachematrix building is a wonderful retort to classic stereotypes, that financial workers reside in lavish Wall Street-esque structures. The project required smart budgeting, as the client had $20 per square foot to spend. Box Studios intelligently identified the zones of the space that merited the most investment and executed inspired design for cost-effective work. The result is a calm, elegant environment with tasteful uses of glass, circularity, and flowing transitions between rooms. Megastar Financial showcases Box Studio’s ability to transform pre-existing buildings into entirely new experiences. Originally an old dairy in the Golden Triangle area of downtown Denver, the 35,000-square-foot structure required careful planning, an exterior facelift, a more efficient layout, and a creative approach to introducing more light into the interior. The result is a bright, inviting space that feels both youthful and rooted in history.


Jon Gambrill
Brent Mather

ENR #1 Green Building Design Firm in Commercial Offices,
Building Design + Construction Giants #1 Office Sector Architecture Firm

1225 17th Street, Suite 150, Denver, CO 80202

About Gensler

Gensler is proud to have served more than 3,500 active clients since its inception. The firm has a diverse reach across both large and small, public and private, and for-profit and nonprofit sectors. As an organization, the company is dedicated to establishing a unique and enduring relationship with each client. Many of its projects from its portfolio are commissioned by some of the highest-grossing law firms globally; others are listed on Fortune Magazine’s top global 50 companies. Co-CEO Andy Cohen, the firm’s regional principal that oversees the Denver market, exemplifies Gensler’s collaborative leadership model. In the past, Cohen was featured on Business Insider’s elite “Creators” list. Under his supervision, Gensler has established a strong role in the city’s office architecture scene.

Featured Projects

For the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, Gensler carefully crafted a design concept for a high-performance office space renovation in downtown Denver. With this project, Gensler tended to the client’s objective of providing a venue that would specifically attract tenants that share the same vision of sustainability through collaboration. The result is stunning: a multi-tenant nonprofit center where tenants are spatially connected through an open, flexible design concept. The project includes a restored original entry, a brand new lobby, and gorgeous, exposed wood wall and ceiling beams. The new construction on Denver’s Global Analytics Design Firm fuses two offices into one, maximizing the open concept effect to create an urban, modern aesthetic. Daylight and windows were made accessible to everyone by positioning the enclosed offices around a central core. Other highlights include a stunning, two-story curtain wall, lively collaboration areas, and a fresh color palette that integrates seamlessly into the city’s urban appeal.

Humphries Poli Architects

Dennis Humphries
Joseph Poli

AIA Colorado Merit Award,
AIA Architect’s Choice Award,
Colorado Construction Gold Hard Hat Award,
Historic Denver Community Preservation Award

1655 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203

About Humphries Poli Architects

In the early 1970s, Dennis Humphries and Joseph Poli started a friendship at the University of Illinois that soon evolved into the successful Humphries Poli Architects, a Denver design firm that believes friendship and community are at the heart of any great business. Humphries Poli Architects has won nearly 100 awards for design, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Colorado Merit Award and the AIA Architect’s Choice Award. Dennis Humphries and Joseph Poli both hold a Master of Architecture. The two principals aim to cultivate vibrant energy in their workplace and deliver an innovative edge in their diverse national work. As an architect for the office sector, the firm’s works are characterized by a balance between function and innovation. The firm comfortably tackles both restoration and new construction and always keeps the driving principles of its clients in mind when conceptualizing the most optimal working environment.

Featured Projects

When Humphries Poli renovated the single-story warehouse near Denver’s Coors Field, the firm’s vision was to craft a unique and inspiring office space for creative thinkers in the advertising business. Original bow-string trusses from the warehouse were highlighted, a partial second floor was placed into the building for conferences and meetings. Constructed as a permeable cloud, the upper level can compress or open lower level volumes. The lighting scheme, situated in slashed diagonals, illuminates the high-ceilinged wood above. Humphries Poli designed this space to complement the needs and energy of the people working within it, a signature of the design firm’s personal touch. Recognized with the Historic Denver Community Preservation Award, and LEED Gold certified, the American Woodmen Insurance Building’s new headquarters is modern, elegant, and sleek. Humphries Poli worked hard to restore the first level and recreate the second floor as a state-of-the-art design studio. With the idea of construction that encourages communication, the upper floor is structured as a star, and open loft studio spaces provide the backdrop.

OZ Architecture

3003 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205

About Humphries OZ Architecture

With a long history that dates back to 1964, OZ has established itself as an influential organization that takes on high-value and complex works in brand design, architecture, and interior design. Supported by over 170 professionals the company has catered to the academic, hospitality, commercial, residential, and corporate markets. Regional and national publications such as Colorado Biz, ENR Mountain States Magazine, and the Building Design + Construction Magazine, have featured the company’s design excellence as well as its reputation as an emerging firm that can go against industry giants. From its portfolio are award-winning projects that earned the Mayor’s Design Awards, Woodworks Design Awards, and an overall performance that has secured its NEWH Top Interior Design Firm ranking. From the firm’s RiNo office in Denver’s renowned arts district, the company has expanded its practice in the US and internationally. As an architect and designer for the corporate and office sector, the firm has completed and designed present and future landmark projects in the region.

Featured Projects

One of the firm’s most notable commissions is the design of Denver’s newest center for the residential, cultural, and workplace sectors. The Giambrocco project will transform the city’s River North Art District into an interesting destination for modern living. The design will accommodate six blocks of mixed offices, housing, commercial, restaurant, hospitality, and parking spaces. 500,000 square feet will be set for corporate offices with attached parking. In a more specific architectural work for the office sector, the company was tasked to work on the World Trade Center office, also located in RiNo. The work consisted of designing offices, business establishments, conference rooms, and other facilities. In the same industry sector, the firm completed multiple projects for Accenture, Physician Health Partners, Denver Post, InnovAge, and Westworld Office—all located in Denver’s bustling metropolitan area.

Pickard Chilton

Jon Pickard
William D. Chilton
Anthony J. Markese

IDP Outstanding Firm Award,
IDP Emerging Architects Award

980 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT 06510

About Pickard Chilton

The firm Pickard Chilton—although based in New Haven, Connecticut—has successfully created professional spaces in Denver that meet current professional trends while honoring the unique character of the Colorado metropolis. The company’s reach is international, yet its personal and artistic touch is intimate. The firm’s blend of pragmatism and creativity reflects an appreciation for research-driven design, and its teams’ quality work has not gone unappreciated. Pickard Chilton received the IDP Outstanding Firm Award and the Emerging Architects Award and was nominated Innovator of the Year in Business New Haven Magazine. Jon Pickard, William D. Chilton, and Anthony J. Markese make up Pickard Chilton’s impressive trio of principals. All hold the distinguished honor of being AIA Fellows and remain deeply involved with every project, which ranges from high profile international work to corporate buildings and campuses. Pickard and Chilton both received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Iowa State University.

Featured Projects

1144 15th is Denver’s 40-story, high-performance LEED Gold-certified office tower, which includes an 880-space parking garage. This sleek emblem of Denver’s burgeoning metropolis showcases a natural stone, daylit lobby with wood and stainless steel accents. Floor-to-ceiling glass in the tower’s office floors provides a sweeping view of the Rockies for the backdrop of one’s daily routine.
4600 South Syracuse was the first of a two-building complex within the Denver Technology Center, designed to be the corporate headquarters for a leading software developer. This building includes floor-to-ceiling clear glass windows, natural sun protection created by deep horizontal mullions, and premium office and conference space.

Semple Brown Design

Sarah Semple Brown
Rusty Brown

AIA Denver Firm of the Year,
AIA Design Awards,
AIA Merit Awards,
Historic Denver Award of Honor

1160 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204

About Semple Brown Design

Semple Brown Architectural Firm has been masterfully fusing form and function since 1982. Co-founded by Sarah Semple Brown, FAIA, the firm brings with it the celebrated quality, depth, and warm aesthetics that its founders are known for. The firm is composed of over 20 industry experts, six of whom are LEED-accredited professionals. Over the years, the firm’s eclectic portfolio has been featured in over 30 publications. Semple Brown Design is dedicated to a team-based approach, as well as an ability to strengthen the community through a palpable sense of place. For its contribution to the city’s architectural landscape, the company was recognized as Firm of the Year by both the local and regional AIA Denver and AIA Colorado chapters. From gorgeous cultural icons, such as the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, to high functioning, modern office spaces, Semple Brown’s wide capacity for tending to important details renders it a strong presence in the overall architecture scene in Denver.

Featured Projects

The Boathouse St. Charles Town Offices were designed to encourage interconnectedness, both visually and physically. Semple Brown Design also wanted to integrate the strong natural connection to the Platte River and the Cherry Creek Trail, which are visible from the communal meeting and lounge spaces via glass walls that offer not only exceptional views but also wonderful, natural light. Professional transparency is also evident in the open layout, which provides ample room for impromptu conversations. The style integrates industrial, professional, and rustic into an innovative and inviting final product. The design of IMA Financial Group’s new headquarters was intended to be structured around the company’s goal of being the “Healthiest Employer in Denver,” and they wanted their active lifestyle to be honored through concept, design, and layout. Collaborative team working spaces, a fitness center, and an enhanced connecting staircase encourage the intent nicely, and an elegant, contemporary interior makes the structure feel both professional and cozy.

Tryba Architects

David Tryba

ULI Global Award for Excellence,
AIA Western Mountain Firm of the Year

1620 Logan Street, Denver, CO 80203

About Tryba Architects

In the last 29 years, Tryba Architects, self-described as civic architects with a passion for sustainable urbanism, has grown from its beginnings in restoration to a knack for developing and crafting progressive urban spaces in Denver and beyond. The firm received the ULI Global Award for Excellence for Denver’s Union Station and Firm of the Year from AIA Western Mountain. FAIA Fellowship recipient David Tryba has employed his leadership on projects across North America and Mexico. Since he returned to his home state in 1988 after working briefly for Beyer Blinder Belle in New York City, he has put his stamp on many standout structures within the urban profile of Denver.

Featured Projects

Modernizing the original Colonnade Center, which was occupied by seven federal agencies for close to 30 years, required both an innovative and dedicated approach to adhere to the sustainability and public visibility that its client, the federal government, desired. What is now the Cesar E. Chavez building houses government offices using a security-hardened exterior envelope that’s engineered for a 100-year lifespan and a new aluminum and glass curtain wall to reduce energy consumption by 32 percent. Tryba even integrated recycled material, including terrazzo made from local beer bottles and steel. The firm was also commissioned to work on the 330,000-square-foot Colorado Google headquarter. The design was meant for an expansion that would make room for up to 1,000 employees. The goal is to cultivate a creativity-inspiring and collaboration-inducing environment that interplays with the natural surroundings. To achieve these, the firm opted for open floor plans and efficient building envelopes.

Venture Architecture

Martin Goldstein

535 East Mexico Avenue, Denver, CO 80210

About Venture Architecture

Venture Architecture might be made up of a modest team, but it knows how to use its small numbers effectively to achieve big results. Its office even includes a canine intern named Burley. Although this company is smaller than other firms with a larger reach or a bigger footprint, its work is diverse, bright, contemporary, and creative. LEED-certified Principal Architect Martin Goldstein earned his Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado. Venture’s aim and goal is to uncover each space’s inherent beauty regardless of the potential challenges. With the company’s precise insight and innovative eye, it has crafted and renovated business headquarters and multi-family homes. As its work continues to evolve, the firm will likely become a bigger presence among Denver’s trusted go-to design firms.

Featured Projects

The KSL Capital building was a perfect challenge for Venture. The firm was tasked with cultivating a highly original concept that mirrored the company’s unique and exclusive approach. The space was intended to represent flair and refinement, be highly functional, provide a conducive working environment, and offer a relaxing atmosphere during breaks. Circular conference rooms with window walls, various modules with sliding glass doors, and a kitchen and lounge area with window-facing countertops accomplished the job nicely.
Applied Control is a headquarters facility for the local representative of a large national business based in South Metro Denver, and its design fuses the client’s practical needs with a functional and bright design. The work kept in mind future expansion, so the facility can adequately serve the growth of the company.